Creating in isolation

It's a strange time in which we all find ourselves, that's for sure! I don't know how you're coping, but it's been a challenge for me just to physically decamp to a different location to continue my work, as I get really anxious when out of my comfort zone. However, I've got over that hurdle, and have now taken command of Saz's Ceramics, the Summer House and Study. My partner is working from the Living Room and Billie continues to be a perfect help, taking naps around the house and garden as she sees fit!

At the moment, I'm enjoying the diversity of my tasks; slip casting snails here, hand building shapes there, throwing on the potter's wheel, creating kits for sale and updating 'paper'work! In point of fact, I've so much work to do, I've had to make a list!

I'm most excited, I suppose, about the possibility of improving my throwing skills and developing workshops for when we get the 'all clear'... this could be my finest hour, lol!

Check in again with me soon, for updates on my progress (or disasters!) Keep positive and don't take any risks! See you soon, Saz

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