Carly's October Blogness!

Hello Potting fans! Carly here! Welcome to my very first blog! This is exciting stuff, and if it actually works, I'll give myself a massive, clay-splattered pat on the back! Saz has gone off on her hollibobs and left me in charge, so I thought I'd let myself loose on the website!

We are about to enter the busiest part of our year - Halloween is fast approaching, and then Christmas! I persuaded Saz last week to let me get out the Christmas stock, and it's certainly tempted a few of you already. Those elves are flying off the shelves! We are taking bookings now for what we hope will be another fun-packed and busy October half term holiday. It's always a popular time - the kids love the Halloween shapes and the introduction of the first dabble in Christmas crafts.

We've gone all out with the Halloween range - every spooky creature you can think of, with a new swarm of zombies ready for you! We've thrown a Halloween Bargain bucket together too, which would be great for kids - 6 shapes, acrylic paints, varnish and brushes in a trick or treat bucket for £20!

As the Marketing Bod of the Saz's Ceramics & Crafts operation, it is my job to get us involved in as many things as possible. We love working with and supporting the community, and have a few projects coming up, including an opportunity for free pottery painting in support of Dudley CVS kindness project, hopefully beginning workshops with Black Country Blokes in support of men's mental health, and also a project within the Wordsley community. Add to that some school workshops and a workshop for a group of nurses, and the pair of us are powering through!

Whilst I have been sitting here writing this, a lovely lady has just been in and bought an item which I hand-built and glazed myself - a contemporary mindfulness figure/dish. I cannot tell you the joy it brings to sell something you have made yourself....I did a little happy dance when she left! We've got lots of finished ware items for sale at the front of the studio, all hand made/decorated by our fair hands - pop in and have a look.

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