Carly's February Blogness!

Hello everyone! All settled into 2022? It's a busy start for us, with constant changes throughout the studio. Valentine's made a brief appearance, before I have packed it away again until next year, to make way for Mother's Day and Easter. I've had great fun with a wonderful product which Saz found - Easter Grass! It's basically pink straw, which seemed like a good idea to liven up our Easter display, but several strands are now floating in and around the studio and much of it went up my nose! Trying to get the unused grass back in to the bag it arrived in was a sight to behold! In my temper, I may have beheaded a small chick......

Anyway, the Mother's Day display went much better! We now have lots of lovely finished ware to choose from - cake themed trinket pots, spoon rests and mobiles, mugs and bowls and vases. Saz has also put together some great takeaway kits for the Moms out there to relax with and have some 'me time'.

Talking of Saz, she has had the 'mother' of all clear outs! I can't find anything! I should never have encouraged her to do it - I am a victim of my own success! Everything now has it's own space, and we have even sorted out some items for sale which we no longer want or need. Check out our Facebook - the solid oak screen made from 2 Victorian doors is particularly impressive.

It's also half term next week - how can it be possible that the children are on holiday already? Surely we have only just had Christmas??!! We are open Mon-Fri 11am-4pm for the hols - with a pottery painting workshop of bubble painting and ombre techniques, and a clay play workshop of coil work. Book in fast - it's going to be a busy week!

Right oh - I'm off to try and hoover up the last of Saz's Easter Grass.....

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