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Paint Pottery the Zentangle Way 

Enjoy a day of Mindfulness...Om!

Paint a Zentangle Green Man Plaque

4 hrs - £59

Enjoy Zentangle? (Posh doodling). Need a bit of 'me' time? Why not combine the two and have a fun and relaxing time learning this much needed art form. Saz will teach you a range of tangles and leave you to get into the zone! Great as a gift experience or as a pressie for yourself.

Choose from an extensive variety of pottery shapes or phone ahead if you'd like to reserve a Green Man Plaque.

Dates are flexible; contact us for more details


Zentangle platter

Create a stunning, yet simple patterned platter 

3 hrs - £43.50

Learn how to band a platter, then sgraffito a design onto it and use a fine writer to zentangle the rest! If it sounds challenging, don't worry; it's easier than it looks and the results are so rewarding! 


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