Romantic 'Ghost' experience

'Oh, my love, my darling...'

Re-enact the famous scene from the 1990 film 'Ghost', in which you assist your partner/husband/wife in making a pot on the potter's wheel. (Who doesn't love a bit of cheesy romance!)


Sarah, our resident potter, will give you a detailed demonstration, then will teach you both how to throw. Forget flowers, say it with pottery!


This personalised workshop is exclusively one couple at a time, it includes hot drinks & biccies to keep you going, and we'll be on hand to take photos of the two of you (as Demi and Patrick/as yourselves!) Bring a bottle if you'd like to make it even more romantic!


Also included is this package is a unique handprint dish you'll make together, which will be completed in house.

At the end of your session, you'll need to leave your works of art with us to fire, and they'll be ready for collection in approximately 2-3 weeks' time.


Course dates are flexible; please call Sarah to arrange a date and time.

2 hrs