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Saz's Pottery

IT’S HERE!! Our very own take on The Great Pottery Throwdown!

Saturday 7th May 1pm- 4pm. Theme: A door wreath inspired by the nature around you.

Saturday 2nd July 1pm - 4pm. Theme: BBQ Ware

Saturday 3rd September 1pm -4pm. Theme: Harvest Basket

Saturday 12th November 1pm - 4pm. Theme: Christmas sculptures

Arrive with a plan of what you are about to make. We’ll supply you with a bag of clay and tools, and will offer some guidance if we think we can help in anyway! Cost includes first firing.

Note: This event is aimed at people with an artistic flare who like a challenge.

PRIZE! Saz and Carly are already arguing over who gets to be Keith, but we’ll sort it out by the time you’ve all finished! We will be judging the creations, and Potter of the Season will be presented with a prize!

Price is £30pp 

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